Friday, September 04, 2015
  Powersim Solutions is a leading simulation-based technology developer and management consulting company. We provide simulation-based technology and services for creating, validating and communicating strategy. Our holistic approach to problem conceptualization, modeling and analysis and the advanced software technology we employ to increase the effective use of simulation models are the cornerstone of our offering.       
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  Our simulation-based solutions bring an experimental approach to developing, communicating and executing strategies and to scenario based strategic planning. Our solutions include a dynamic simulation model of your business and an application platform that provides you the capability to use the simulation model for experimental learning and planning.  
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  Powersim ExPlan™ and ExTrain™ are our propriety decision support platforms that have transformed the way simulation solutions are delivered and integrated into the workplace. They will help you to create a company culture that is skilled at developing and executing business plans and strategies more rapidly and flawlessly.  
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  Powersim provides a range of services aimed at assisting our clients to acquire strategic, organizational and operational excellence. Our services are designed to give full support to our technology and custom built solutions.  
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